CSLC 2018 Values


We believe in creating a welcoming and safe environment where students can develop their thoughts and ideas by listening to stories and worldviews and then applying them to their own lives. We plan for students to leave feeling confident and comfortable when speaking up to create change, whether that be big or small.


We believe in awakening student’s leadership potential in everyday life and we will encourage them to develop new skills and traits to become better students, leaders, and citizens.


We believe that when students share their unique perspectives and ideas they are able to create new solutions to problems in their schools, families, communities, and world. It is our diversity that makes us stronger.


We believe that everyone can be a leader. Every bit of effort counts and anyone can create change. It is what we do with our leadership that defines us.

EPSB District Vision

“Transforming the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow.”


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