Thank you for considering becoming a billet host family for CSLC 2018, September 25-29!  

Here’s what’s involved, how to register, and some frequently asked questions…


  • Accommodation for at least 2 students (more if you are willing!) 
  • Provide a bed/air mattress for each student and suitable personal privacy
  • Breakfast each morning: Wednesday to Saturday
  • Lunch and family time with billets on Saturday afternoon
  • Transportation to and from Harry Ainlay each day: 
  • Provide a police record check (free of charge) for all residents 18 years and older


What you need to know for CSLC 2018…..


Tuesday, September 25 – Pick-up 9:30pm

Wednesday, September 26 – Drop off 7:45am & Pick up 9:30pm

Thursday, September 27 – Drop off 7:45am & Pick up 9:30pm

Friday, September 28 – Drop off 7:45am & Pick up 10:30pm

Saturday, September 29 – Drop off 7:45am, Pick up 12:00 pm for time with Billet Host Families, Drop off 4:00pm @ Delta Hotel and Pick up 10:00pm @ Harry Ainlay

September 30 – Drop off according to students travel plans


  1. Call Student Advisor as needed: exchange name(s) & cell numbers when you meet
  2. Call Billeting Chair:  Perdeep Dhillon (780) 242-1745  


Q:  How many students can I host?

A:  You must host at least 2 students, but you are free to host as many students as you can house and transport comfortably!

Q:  Does each student require their own room in my home?

A: Students can share a room, as long as each has a bed or air mattress to sleep on (2 students may share a double bed or larger) and rooms are gender specific.

Q:  Can I carpool my students to and from the conference with another host family?

A:  Absolutely! Carpooling is fun, earth-friendly, and will ease traffic flow at the conference site.

Q:  Can my child drive the billets to school in his/her vehicle?

A:Yes. As long as a volunteer driver form has been completed and signed by the parents.  Billets may also walk, or take public transportation with your child.

Q:  What is expected for the host family lunch and activities on Saturday afternoon?

A:  Please provide your students a simple lunch and some enjoyable activities, at home or in the community, that will allow students to become more familiar with your family and our community.

Q:  I provide a police record declaration to my employer each year.  Do I still need to have a Vulnerable Sector Check done for CSLC?

A:  Yes. All residents of the home age 18+ require a Vulnerable Sector Check for CSLC

(current within the past 6 months). EPSB will provide this service for CSLC volunteers free of charge.

Q:  What is a home visit? 

A:  A representative from the conference will come to your house for a short visit to see the  accommodations for the billets. When you agree to become a billet an appointment will be made at your convenience for this visit. 

Q:  How do I contact my billet’s advisor? 

A:  When you meet your billets for the first time, it is strongly encouraged to meet their  advisor and exchange contact information. 

Q:  If I am unable to contact the student’s advisor, who can I contact?

A:  The billet chairs, Perdeep Dhillon and Jamie Johansen, will be able to answer most  questions and provide support for any billeting problems. 

Q:  I don’t have teenagers in the home (empty-nesters, families with small children). Can  I still billet? 

A:  Absolutely! Host families can have teenagers in the home, small children, empty nesters or no kids at all.  The common denominator is a desire by the host family to provide a great experience for the billet. 

 Q:  Our family has dietary restrictions (kosher, vegetarian, halal),  will this be a problem? 

A:  No, we have many student billets who will have similar restrictions and we try very hard to match these students up with families with similar requests so there will be no need to alter your families meals that week. 

Q:  I have further questions about being a host family at CSLC 2018, who should I  contact? 

A:  Please contact our billeting chairs about becoming a billet host family:

Perdeep Dhillon                                     Jamie Johansen          

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It takes a whole community coming together to offer authentic hospitality and showcase our region.

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