The Advisor Program at CSLC is a professional development opportunity for attending advisors, which features advisor sessions led by professional motivational speakers, industry professionals and experienced leadership advisors. Attending advisors will have opportunities to network and collaborate with fellow leadership and student activity advisors from across the country, as well as have the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Student Leadership Association’s Leadership Advisor Development and Certification Program.

This program guides Leadership advisors through a focused study and practical examination of the six pillars of student leadership:

  • Developing Effective Communication
  • Enhancing Personal Leadership Skills
  • Developing School Climate and Culture
  • Leadership Program Management
  • Implementing Student Activities
  • Legal and Fiscal Accountability with Student Leadership

Featured presenters for advisors include

  • Jim Cain
  • Dave Conlon
  • Marc England
  • Connie Warner
  • Dena Davis, Jen Harris, Kim Howard (Harry Ainlay Inclusive Learning Staff) – Mental Health Advisor Workshop


For a printable itinerary, click here.


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